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A Sweet Dream

Written on 03/15/2018

Strangers came together

Friends came together

Enter into a world

Where worries seems far

Seems to be transported into a world You went through

The steps You took

The sufferings You went through

All happened at the world we went to.

Knowing You will go through

The sufferings man could not imagine

Fully Man You are

Sweat of blood You dropped

Knowing the route ahead

Yet You said

Not My will but Your will be

For the joy ahead of You

You took the cup

Who is the joy ahead of You

And with Your passionate eyes You gazed at me…

And said is you, My love.

In this world we went

So surreal I felt

A beautiful dream we been to

Just You and You only

Now transported back from dream

Such beautiful dream I missed

Miss the laughers from strangers who become friends

Miss the days we enjoy Your presence in Your land.

Yet I know..

Nothing can take away

No one can snatch

Your love for me

That never fails

Jesus..the Lover of my soul

Jesus…I am Your beloved and my Beloved is mine.