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Broken Chains

Written on 06/02/2018

Broken Chains

Chains bound

Bondage held

Hold what seems important

Hold them so tight

Problems big beyond what I can handle

Big beyond my hands could hold

Tears found no more

Heart cried out from within

Crown of thorns worn tight

Hit right into Your brow

Hit without mercy

Breath held tight

Pain unimaginable

Torn You from within

Without holding back

You took

All the pain I should take

Never alone You were

Always with Abba You were

Yet on the cross

You bore the pain

The pain of separation

Your heart could hardly bear

“My God My God, why have You forsaken Me”

Cried out from within

Painful it was

And You took it all for me

So that I could be accepted

Into God’s arms as His beloved child

Never alone I am

Hands big beyond I can imagine

Heart fully for me

I am Yours, You are mine

I can now call God my Abba

Jesus my Saviour

Never alone am I

Chains broken with Your life

Soar like eagles You made me

Into Your lovely arms You carry me