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Sanity in insanity

Written on 06/05/2018

Morning starts..

And night arrives..

Sanity in life

One seek…

Emptiness it seems

Hollow it echos

Life came…

Came when we were lost

Life gave

Infuse into death and gave life

Seeking high

Seeking low

Insanity life seems

Sanity came

Came into insanity

Barabbas released

Exchanged for Jesus..

On that cruel cross

For you and me..


Insanity released

For the Man of sanity


We the insanity

Jesus, the divine exchange

Took all we deserved

And gave us all that He deserve



The Lover of our souls

Before we knew

You love us with all Your heart

And with all Your mind

Sanity in life

Only in You

O Jesus