Homecoming Huddles

Homecoming Huddles⁃ Pastor Hee JhunThe 3D army came. In debt, distress, discouraged / discontented.The Lord does not forsake us or reject us. Even a bruise weed He would not breakThe Lord turned these 3D army into mighty men. This is what the presence of God does for us. We come out stronger, wiser.

Rapture Generation

Sermon note (4th svc)Pastor PrinceThere is a love that is not commercial. A love that the Lord gives and expect no returnThe church of Jesus Christ is make up of all kind of people who are born again. We are one new man in Christ JesusWe are not gentiles we are the church of God.All the p

How to be led by His Spirit

Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor PrinceWhen we are travelling, wherever we go, believers know Singapore because of us.As long as we stand humble, His righteousness will exalt our nation!In history, nations fell morallyA gift of healing for you. There is someone who just received report that he or she is

Voice of grace

Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor PrinceA young person on a blink of suicide is rescued. The world is a lost world. Jesus saw the people scattered and is full of compassion. They were like sheep without a shepherd.This is how you see your friends. They are not purposely being rebellious. They are sheep wi

Care group

Care GroupBenjaminThe Lord always know us face to face. He knows the numbers of hair on your head.Matt 19:27 to 20:16The difference is in how they believed.Those that came early work the whole day were not happy. Sense of entitlement and sense of justice.How they receive, the way the vineyard owner

Coming out stronger

Sermon note (1st svc)Pastor PrinceSomething happen when you set aside time for the Lord. You are basking in the presence of the Lord. God will speak to youThe life of Elijah, we tend to think that God will stay away from us when we are discouraged. God will not put us aside.Testimony –How grace of G

Encounter Night (God is for me!)

Sermon note (Encounter Night)Pastor PrinceDispensing of health. You can be fit working in the gym but health comes from the Lord. As sure as the stripe fell on you, as sure as your health.It is a turn around for you! Turn around for your relationship, health, financial! Turn around!This is a service

Sermon note (3rd svc)

Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor PrinceThe Lord will take care of everything for you. When you rest God works.Deuteronomy 11:20And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates,When it gets darker, your light will be evidently seen.Testimony –A brother from United States. It is ab

Care Group Note

Care groupBenjaminProverbs 4:23Keep your heart with all diligence,For out of it spring the issues of life.Proverbs 4:23 (NLT)Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your lifeThe life is determined by your heart. So the bible said guard your heart.How do we guard our heart?If

Sermon Note (3rd svc)

Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor Steven FurtickGenesis 28:10-19Jacob’s Vow at BethelNow Jacob went out from Beersheba and went toward Haran. So he came to a certain place and stayed there all night, because the sun had set. And he took one of the stones of that place and put it at his head, and he lay do

Cluster Worship

Cluster WorshipDecon ShawnGod does not look at numbers, He always look at individual. Decon Shawn felt God’s favourite number is one. Because He always look at individual.Know how much He loves us personally.In this house, we hear about Father’s love.What do you see on the cross?When we say “Look to

Sermon Note (GenRev)

Sermon note (GenRev)Pastor Vegard and MiriamLeanedInWhat does leaning in means?Have an appetite for lifeHave an active postureSome of you are going through tough time.You feel broken pushed aside, robbed.The Lord is leaning in to you. He sees you and loved you and come to you. He is here to heal you

Speak to the Rock

Sermon Note (3rd svc)Pastor PrinceEvery time we come into His presence we come into inexhaustible supply! Our need cannot be greater than His supply.Sometimes God allows us to enter into areas of needs. We can see what is in our hearts. During time of testing, what is on our hearts will come out.Is

Jesus draws near when you are disappointed

Sermon note (3rd svc)Preached in Israel 11th MarchJesus draws near when you are discouraged.You are right where the gospel of grace went forth. Paul left this port and never return.God told him to go west.Israel is the centre of the world.Paul took the gospel westward.There is a timing in everything

The name of God, Abba

Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor LawrenceWe need to pray. Not just look at what is happening.Prayer changes everything. I do not know what is your situation, let your faith arise. When you pray, things will start to change.The Lord spoke to Pastor Prince to pray for North Korea’s leader for his salvation

Cry out to the Lord

Sermon note (1st svc)Pastor LianToday is going to be good day because Jesus is in the house.We are going to have energy of 18 years old!When you encounter the grace of God, your lives are transformed.Hesed wisdom. Lord i need lots and lots of hesed wisdom!Every single of the year is marked with what

Sermon note (in Lakewood Church)

Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor Prince (preached in Lakewood Church)The One that gives His life for us is seated at God’s right hand!He is in our midst. He is not in our midst to be spectator. He wants to meet our needs. Grace is attracted to needs and weaknesses in our lives. His favour is completed in

The law of plunders

Sermon note (2nd svc)Pastor PrinceThe Lord is touching people with back condition. Left side.We are out of the realm for the law. Grace in us, not only we don’t have desire to steal, we love to bless and give.The law does not give you robust abundance life that the Lord wants u to live.Grace give yo

The ABC of Bible Prophecy

Sermon note (Encounter Night)Pastor PrinceA great part of the bible is bible prophecyWhy did we study bible prophecy?The hope in Him coming, this hope purify and give you wisdom. Wisdom is the stability of your time.The people of the world knows the what of the world and we know the why.We need to s


Sermon note (3rd svc)Pastor PrinceGod’s heart for you is eternal. God’s calling for you is eternal beyond this life. God has the whole universe for us. He has prepared a beautiful place for us to live forever and ever.We will not need to float around. We will live in bodies. We are able to shake han


Sermon note (2nd svc)Pastor MarkWhat is impossible with man is possible with God. God will take every opportunities to bless mothers.God always give special grace and special blessings on every mothers.Mothers are noble. Mothers are so strong that they always carry burdens on them. Jesus has come in

How to overcome fear

Pic- Larzaus ‘s tombSermon Note (1st svc)Pastor LawrenceHow to overcome the fear in your lifeWhatever you need, God will meet you at the point of your need.The fear of alone and growing old is real.Fears are real. But God knows exactly where you are living and the season you are at.Is ok to be fearf

How to be blessed God’s way

Sermon note (1st svc)Pastor PrincePeople are excited about the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a sign for healthy soul. Revival.Faith come by hearing and hearing the Word of God.When you keep on hearing God’s Word, the first thing God brings you out of occupation of self and occupation of Christ. God giv

God is behind the scene

Sermon Note (Encounter Night)Pastor PrinceGod is working behind the scene.We are in for exciting time ahead of us. God will defend Israel.Read Ezekiel 38. Will this happen after or before?God will defend IsraelWhen things go wrong in your life and you are wondering what is wrong and where are all th